Sunday, April 10, 2005

Squeak or VisualWorks

I have decided to take a closer look at Seaside. I plan to write some application with it to learn Smalltalk and at the same time see if Seaside can be my web application server of the future. My problem now is figuring out which version of Smalltalk I should use for this. My two candidates right now are Cincom VisualWorks and Squeak. I want cross platform capabilities, so Dolphin and Cincom's Object Studio are out. If I missed any important candidate please let me know.

VisualWorks is a commercial product, but you can download a non-commercial version that includes everything. VW is intended for business use, so you get a lot of tools for stuff like database access and COM support. It comes with excellent documentation and includes first rate development tools. Squeak is a free product and has an active user community, it is also the environment on which Seaside was developed.

I have downloaded both of these environments and will post some of my experiences with them here.


At 5:23 AM, Anonymous Frank Thieme said...

Hey, were are the experiences? ;)


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