Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy new weblog

The very last day of the year seems like the perfect time to say goodbye to Blogger and hello to my new blog site.

From now on this blog can be found at, where I intend to also host my business web site in the near future.

2005 was a very interesting year for me. My life changed completely during this time, with the arrival of our son and my departure from the web development company I helped create more than 10 years ago to embrace the independent developer lifestyle. It was a great year.

I learned a lot of things in my first year of blogging. First of all, being a constant blogger requires a lot of work. Even simple posts like this one take more than a couple of minutes of my time, so I really had to decide if I was willing to dedicate enough time to this activity. To be able to decide, I needed to think more clearly about my objectives for next year and beyond and how blogging fit with those. Obviously I decided that it fits.

I also learned not to talk about what will be in future posts, since many times new interests, time constraints and other circumstances can make a blogger break his promises.

Well, 2006 is just around the corner and I have ambitious goals for my first full year as an independent web developer. Let's see how well I can carry them out. Happy new year to anybody that happens to read this post, may all your projects be successful and all your dreams come true.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Long absence

It's been a month since I last posted. I was busy teaching a course on Plone and Zope outside of my office (which is a nice way of saying outside of my house). Now that I will have a little more time for blogging, I am thinking that Blogger is no longer a viable service for my blogging needs. The lack of categories for posts sometimes constrains me a little on what I want to write about, since my feed is part of a couple of language specific sites and I feel kind of guilty writing about off-topic stuff. Also, there are planet-something sites that will not take my feed if there is no way to separate the posts by category.

Of course, blogger allows you to create multiple blogs, but I have enough trouble taking care of just this one. What to do, then? I recently subscribed to a hosting service and I plan to set up my blog there. I now have to figure out how to make the change transparently.